Upper Limb

Joints of the Upper Limb: Anatomy,Movement & Ligament involvement

Upper Limb Joints are-

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Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis Question

MCQ.Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis Question with Answer P.4

1.Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is different from some other forms of arthritis because of it… A.Is more painful than other forms B.Occurs below the waist C.Is symmetrical, affecting the right and left sides of the body[...]

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Upper Limb Bones

Upper Limb Bones Anatomy & Muscle Attachment

The upper limb consists of 64 bones – Clavicle -2 Scapula-2 Humerus-2 Radius-2 Ulna-2  

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Elbow Joint:Anatomy,Movement & Muscle involvement

The elbow is a synovial variety of hinge joint, formed within the distal end of the humerus and the proximal ends of the ulna and radius in the forearm. The elbow permits for the flexion[...]

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phalanges bones

Phalanges Bones Anatomy

The phalanges are the terminal bones of the hand. There are fourteen phalanges in the hand, the thumb, which only has two; a proximal and a distal phalanx, with each finger having three; a proximal,[...]

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metacarpal bones

Metacarpal Bones Anatomy

The metacarpal bones, form the intermediate part of the hand located within the phalanges of the fingers and the carpal bones of the wrist. The metacarpal bones are similar to the metatarsal bones in the[...]

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Lung developmental phases

Lung developmental phases

Lung development in a fetus begins throughout the embryonic phase, at about four weeks of gestational age. Very early in development, what will eventually be a baby is nothing more than a cell ball, wherever[...]

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carpal bones in the hand

Carpal Bones Anatomy

Carpal bones are positioned in the wrist which attaches the radius and ulna of the forearm among the metacarpal bones of the hand and is composed of eight individual carpal bones which are arranged in[...]

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Teres Minor Muscle

Upper Limb Question With Answer P.4

1. What is the name of the triangular plate of bone which is located at the side and back of the chest wall? A.Scapula B.Acromion C.Clavicle D.Glenoid 2. This muscle arises from the third, fourth[...]

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anatomy of the radius & ulna

Ulna Anatomy-Muscle Attachment & Bony Landmark

The ulna is a long bone in the forearm.When in anatomical position, it is found on the medial side of the forearm. It goes parallel to the radius, and ulna is the larger and longer[...]

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